All the new food at the Rogers Centre, ranked

All the new food at the Rogers Centre, ranked

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When the Blue Jays play their2023 home openeragainst the Detroit Tigers tonight, fans at the Rogers Centre may have a hard time focusing on the game. That’s because the stadium will be unveiling a cornucopia of off-field attractions, includinga bunch of new stuff to eat and drink. They’ve added kid-friendly staples, like grilled cheese, shaved ice and churros. But some of the new features—a cashier-less convenience store, a candy bar, an Italian soda station—take things to another level, creating a whimsical, Wonka-like ballpark experience. Here, the best new food and drink options, ranked.

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Hungarian sausage

15A beer-braised sausage topped with grilled onions and triple-crunch mustard. Simple and satisfying, it’s an elevated hot dog experience.

Jamaican beef patty

14Mildly spicy halal meat packed into flaky pastry, served with a mango chutney for dipping. It’s available in a new district called the Stop, an homage to Toronto’s multicultural neighbourhoods, located in the 100 section of centre field.

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Smoked meat sandwich

13The whole of this sandwich is greater than sum of its parts. Six ounces of Montreal smoked meat, two ounces of sauerkraut, two slices of Swiss cheese and two ounces of yellow mustard equals a pretty super sandwich.

Frozen margarita

12The new Corona Rooftop Patio, way up on the 500 level of centre field, could end up being the rowdiest alfresco set up in Toronto this summer. (Liquor just hits different at that altitude.) Fans who visit the patio can grab a frozen margarita made with tequila, Cointreau, simple syrup and lime mix, all blended up in a slushy machine.

Kofta bowls

11Visitors can find these super-healthy bowls in the Stop. They’re packed with quinoa, romaine lettuce, feta cheese, cucumber and tomato, all dressed with tahini. Protein options include chicken and plant-based balls, making this one of the most nutritious snack options from the stadium’s vendors.


10For those seeking a less healthy choice, there’s the mac and cheese station, also found at the Stop. It has all the essentials for a carbohydrate overdose: thick, creamy cheese and chewy noodles topped with breadcrumbs.

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9The perfect summer refresher, this sangria features soda water, rosé, apricot brandy, Cointreau and some fresh fruit in the form of peaches and strawberries. It’s perfect for those hot, sunny summer days when the roof is open.


8Eating a bag of salty, buttery popcorn is so last year. Now, fans can snack on crunchy, gourmet popped kernels coated in flavours like caramel, green apple and blueberry (which turns tongues a very on-theme Blue Jays blue).

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Grilled cheese sandwich

7Over at Park Social, a new kid-friendly section in the 500 level of left field, fans of all ages can grab an ooey-gooey grilled cheese sandwich: Texas-style white bread stuffed with cheddar, gouda and provolone and toasted on a sizzling range.


6This sandwich actually tastes like it was made at a smokehouse, not inside a corporate kitchen. It features house-smoked brisket, apple barbecue sauce, bread and butter pickles, and coleslaw, all nestled in a brioche bun.

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Shaved ice

5Nothing evokes childhood like a snow cone absolutely saturated with a kaleidoscopic mix of sugary-sweet syrups. This item can be found in Park Social, the kids’ section, but something tells us the young at heart will enjoy this treat too.

Oreo churro

4Some things just make sense: standing during the national anthem, booing the opposing team, grabbing a beer during the seventh-inning stretch—and taking a stick of deep-fried dough, rolling it in Oreo cookie crumbs and drizzling the whole thing with vanilla icing. Location: Park Social.

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OK Blue Jays rum punch

3“OK Blue Jays” is the song that echoes over the stadium’s speakers during the seventh-inning stretch. With lyrics like “You got a dog and a drink and an umpire’s call,” it’s a subtle piece of marketing designed to drive fans to the concession stands. The OK Blue Jays rum punch—the ballpark’s new signature drink—contains Sprite, OK Blue Jays mix (lime juice, simple syrup) and two ounces of vibrant Bacardi Blue, served in a souvenir cup fans can take home.

Candy wall

2Of course, everyone comes to the Rogers Centre to root on the Blue Jays, watching handsomely paid players perform feats of athleticism, batting baseballs to the moon and sprinting across the diamond. What we’re trying to say is that the actual game is important. But the second-most important thing at the Rogers Centre, without a doubt, is Park Social’s candy wall. The sweets-filled tubes are just for show, but everything on display is available for purchase, including Big Fet, jelly beans, gummy worms, Swedish Fish, jujubes, Coke bottles and Nibs.

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Poutine dog

1We started this list with a dog, and we’re finishing it with an even better one. Last season, hot dogs and poutine were among the most popular food items at the Rogers Centre. So, naturally, some genius in the food department put the two together to create one super-delicious dog. This is a Schneiders wiener nestled in a Villagio bun, buried under a heap of Quebec cheese curds, hash browns and gluten-free gravy. Sounds wrong, tastes right.